February 14th, 2020


For everyone who buy stuff from me,
thank you for being nice "friends" to me.
Please spend some time to write comment here.
I really appreciate for your kindness.

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50% Friends only

Hi there!
Sorry for this convenience.
Most of the songs i ripped will be friends-locked from now.
Please add me and leave your message here.
I will add you back later.

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[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Spring 2008 Tour Concert Pamphlet
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Live Spring Tour Concert 2008
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Summer Tour 2008 Pamphlet
[sale] J-web Photo Set: TegoMass ~ Off-shot PV Ai ai gasa
[sale] J-web Photo Set: KAT-TUN ~ Queen of Pirates Concert Live
[sale] J-web Photo Set: KAT-TUN ~ Live Queen of Pirates Concert in Osaka
[sale] K8 Summer Tour Concert Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo
[sale] J-web Photo Set: NEWS ~ Off-shot PV Happy Birthday
[sale] J-web Photo Set: NEWS ~ Pamphlet Winter Diamond Party Concert
[sale] Flower Wire Bookmark
[sale] Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version
[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] NYC Boys and Hey! Say! JUMP JE's Official Goods
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: Others
  - Kamen Rider (Masked Rider)
  - Miyavi :: MYV Pops [Regular Edition]
  - w-inds :: Rain Is Fallin'/ Hybrid Dream [Limited Edition, Type A with DVD]
  - Lead :: Drive Alive [Limited Edition with DVD]
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: JE's
  - [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Venus [Regular Edition, Jacket C]
  - [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Ho! Summer [Limited Edition, Jacket B]
  - [single] NEWS :: Weeeek [Regular Edition] ++ free NEWS LAWSON leaflet
  - [single] KAT-TUN :: Rescue [Regular Edition, First Press]
  - [single] GOLF & MIKE :: Nippon Ai ni Iku yo
  - [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Limited Edition with DVD]
  - [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Regular Edition]
[sale] Hello! Project Official Photos
[sale] Papa Photo ~ Maki Horikita
[sale] Official and Papa Photos ~ Kame, Jin and Ryo
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Arashi ~ Dream-A-Live Concert Live
[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain
[sale] Couple Penguin Keychain
[sale] Santa Clause and Angel Ornament Set
[sale] PICK Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi
[sale] Chocolate Digital Toy Camera by Fuuvi
[sale] Mini Christmas Tree Set
[sale] Fashion Earring Set
[sale] Hand-made Earrings
[sale] Stationery ~ Pen
[sale] Stationery ~ Sticky Note and Message Memo

Pre-Order Post
[pre-order] Green Tea KIT-KAT and Sakura Green Tea KIT-KAT

** For pre-order, I still can take the order as long as they are still sold, so feel free to contact me anytime if you come accross these posts.

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