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[J-web] NEWS ~ Talking about "Happy Birthday" -- Before Release

Well, it has been a while for NEWS translation, huh?
Telling you the truth, everytime I look at the sources for NEWS J-web translation that my friend did, I collapse~
Seriously, YamaP is so energetic doing this j-web post every day..^^;..
I wish I could say "YamaP, please don't work too hard, rest sometime, will ya?".
But well, we are just too far apart, huh?

Anyway, get into the point,
here is the translation of NEWS talking about "Happy Birthday" before it released.
The one after released will be posted soon.
Please be patient!

YamaP ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

"Happy Birthday", I want to sing this song for so long,
because it is a very special day.
It was the day I was born, so I want to have a great and fun time.

To be born and know that I am surrounded with love,
I thought like this, so I sang out like that.
Please check it out.

Ryo ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

please listen to "Happy Birthday".

It's not about the season.
It can be listened to anyone's birthday.
Please sing this song on anyone's birthday.

I will turn on this song as well.

The end.

It's Nishikido Ryo.

Koyama ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

"Happy Birthday" is the song that each day at least we have to send to someone in this world.
It is because everyday is anyone's birthday.

To feel thankful to be born in this world, I don't think anyone will think like this everyday.
If you sing or listen to this song, you will feel like this about people around you.
You will feel thankful to people around you for being born to be with you.

It is a great song because you will feel how important people to be born to be around you.

Shige ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

Not many people sing birthday song though.
Therefore this song might be fun to sing as karaoke, right?

"Happy Birthday", it will be good if it is useful to everyone.

The reason I would like everyone to listen is that there are both melody and rap in the same rhythm.
You will find it out strange when you listen to it.
That's NEWS' style. 

Masuda ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

"Happy Birthday", as the name stated, is a birthday song which was written by SEAMO.

To feel wishing for the birthday, together with to be is a very cute song.

The other song, "GAN GAN GANBATTE", has a nice melody as well.

I would like to send "Happy Birthday" to everyone.
I want to sing this in the concert as well.

Tegoshi ~ Talking about [Happy Birthday] -- Before Release

This is Tegoshi.

"Happy Birthday" is a very good song.

No matter how old you are, whose birthday it is, it is all important days.

The special day, Happy Birthday,
there is only once a year, so it is a very important song.

I would like everyone to listen to "Happy Birthday" on birthday, Happy Birthday.


Credit: KEN's Board

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